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Welcome to Phoenix:O2

Phoenix:O2 is a web-based authoring tool designed to assist seasoned developers and web-application beginners
to create and modify web sites and web applications. It allows users access to content which developers can easily modify and control from the web.

For more information about Phoenix:O2 and what it can do, click here!

Phoenix:O2 is always in development, but here are the key features:

  • Phoenix:O2 is written in PHP and uses MySQL as its database component.
    Both are available by a free downdload and are easy to use.
    (If you've never programmed or used a database system, DON'T WORRY. Phoenix:O2 handles most of this on its own!)

  • Phoenix:O2 includes five basic access levels, four of which have multiple sublevels to fine-tune access to all users.
    Control what your visitors see! Create back-end tools for you or your staff that your visitors cannot see.

  • Build your applications easily and quickly

  • Enter the site's Edit Mode with a single click, which allows users to:
    • Create tables and add fields to existing tables in the application database.
    • Create an entire, functional application within seconds
      No special training or knowledge required!

    • Add, modify and remove pages.
    • Use various form types:
      • Freestyle (single record, multiple rows/columns)
      • Chart (multiple records, great for menus!)
      • Calendar (multiple date-based records)
    • Add, move, and delete form fields with a single click
      Make changes quickly

    • Administer user access, including granting users varying levels of site access.
    • Limit user access to pages and even specific form fields.
    • Grant menu access to pages.
      Fine-tune what information your users can see.

    • Export and Import pages
      Back up your site or share parts of it with other Phoenix:O2 users

User suggestions are always welcome!

This site was forged with Phoenix:O2.

For comments, suggestions, and additional information about this site or its content, contact da.schuler@comcast.net